Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tech dominates patents in the Bay Area

Well, duh, right?  But I hadn't realized the extent of the domination of high tech industries in Bay Area patent applications until I caught a glimpse of a list of the top 25 patent recipients in the Bay Area in the Oct. 1-7 San Francisco Business Times.

Of the top 25, only three were not software, hardware, or network companies: UC Berkeley was number 8, Stanford 22, and Genentech just made the list at the 25 spot.  The rest of the list features the usual cast of Silicon Valley giants -- Intel, Sun, Oracle, Google, etc.

Also interesting is that none of the companies on the list are headquartered in San Francisco but are mostly in the Peninsula.

You can have a look at the SF Business Times every week at the Main Library and also several branches.

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