Thursday, February 25, 2010

Inventors Eye newsletter from the USPTO

Support for small inventors is an emerging theme for the new USPTO administration. The latest evidence of that commitment is Inventors Eye, a recently launched bimonthly newsletter for the independent inventor community.

Judging by the first issue, the newsletter will be a source of tips for inventors, links to resources, and communication about upcoming policy changes within the USPTO.

Of particular interest in the inaugural issue is a piece by USPTO Director David Kappos laying out some key points about proposed patent reforms including reduced fees for small entities, faster turnaround on applications, and stronger patents through a post-grant review process.

Also noteworthy is Inventors Assistance Center boss John Calvert's interview with Pam Turner, inventor of the Spiral Eye Needle, one of those simple yet undoubtedly useful innovations that can inspire us to think differently about every day objects.

Inventors Eye is avaible on the USPTO website, where you can sign up to receive an email version of the newsletter.

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