Sunday, March 9, 2008

Steve Perlman on Innovation in the Bay Area (ok, in Silicon Valley)

While high tech inventions may not have quite the romantic appeal of cable car pulleys, it's clear that computer technology is helping keep the spirit of invention alive and well in the Bay Area. Steve Perlman, who so far has 72 patents himself, talks about Bay Area technology innovations today in the San Jose Mercury News.

This is the line that caught my eye:

"There's kind of, if you will, less technology creativity (and) more about how to use technology in a clever way to create a new business model."

Patents can apply to business models: take a look at Business Source Premiere (available through the library) to see what the experts are saying.

Assuming Perlman's observation is accurate, the intellectual property market in the Bay Area is evolving yet again.

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